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   * 1-Eleasis: Ahghairon'​s Day   * 1-Eleasis: Ahghairon'​s Day
   * 21-Eleint: Brightswords   * 21-Eleint: Brightswords
 +  * __17_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * The party reunited, they decide to seek out the bard known as Grohl Bonham, who can perform "Your Beardy Face". They visit New Olamn'​s and find out that he will be performing later that evening.
 +    * They purchase tickets near the front row and then perform some errands about the city.
 +    * Theo meets with Esvele Rosznar, and finds that she is the one who contracted for him to obtain the book of Shar. Apparently, she is high up in the Shadow Thieves, although it is unknown just how high up. She wants to use her share of the money to help establish the guild and drive out the Xanathar.
 +    * Later that evening, they take their seats and are enthralled with the performance of the entertainer. A giant illusory image of "​Rocktopus,"​ Grohl'​s familiar playing the drums, opens the show. He performs multiple songs and charms quite a few.
 +    * After the show, the group tries to meet with him but are stopped by bouncers. Through some diversionary tactics, they eventually get backstage and give chase, as Grohl - polymorphed into a gnome - tries to escape.
 +    * They eventually get him to pause long enough to listen to reason, and ask for his help.
 +    * Half the party stays the night at the Blackstaff Tower with Grohl, while the remainder stays at the Old Tower with Esvele.
 +  * __18_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * The party join up at the old tower, where Esvele leads them past the teleportation circle through a hidden door. They present the bugbear ears and eyestalk of the beholder, while Grohl performs his music.
 +    * The door opens, but Grohl - who is not the adventuring type waits outside. He casts Bear's Endurance on them before they go in.
 +    * Inside, the party finds ten sets of doors, one of which they are able to open. On the other side, they are greeted with a fresco which enchants Theo. He doesn'​t want to leave it's side. Luckily, Fen is able to cast a restoration spell to free him of the effect.
 +    * Up the stairs, they battle a black pudding creature, and find a small cache of treasure.
 +    * The also find three bridges, each crumbling in its own respect. They attempt to cross one and nearly fall multiple times. Esvele stays on one side and laughs at their antics.
 +    * Inside the room on the opposite side is a statue, and a trapdoor in the floor. Upon attempting to lift the trap door, magical beams shoot from the statues eyes dealing damage (to Tully?)
 +    * The session ends here - they'​ll cross the other bridges when they come to them. ;)
 +  * __17_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * Fen finds the party later. If asked, he tells the party, "I traded a truth for a truth. I am looking for the Stone of Golorr. I believe it holds the key to a vault and this is it's location."​
 +    * She in turn found out about the wizard who owned this tower and that he was a friend of Neverember'​s. She thought it might hold a key to his treasure and bought it to secure the building before someone else came along. But she does not have the keys.
 +    * As they were at an impasse, she offered to help the party for a share of the gold should they find the keys first. Otherwise, she will have the city guard arrest then for trespassing on her property.
 +    * Fen later investigates the Rosznar family. They were kicked out of Waterdeep some 100 years ago for slave trading. She has returned to Waterdeep in an attempt to unsully her name.
 +  * __16_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * The party destroys the intellect devourers with no problem and then makes their way out of the dungeon. They kill some shadows in the hall of mirrors along the way. They also try putting statue heads back on their bodies to no avail.
 +    * Back at home, Broxley introduces the group to their new tavern staff: Kelso Fiddlewick, Dasher Snobeedle, Danika Fiddlewick, and Brynn Hilltopple, all halflings.
 +    * They do some cleaning, cooking, etc. in preparation for opening night.
 +    * The Snobeedle'​s farmstead sends the ale commissioned from Buhak and made from the apples on their farm.
 +    * The guests start to arrive, and the party socializes with a number of them:
 +      * Lady Cassalanter - The party knows she's looking for the Stone of Golorr. They don't know what she may or may not know about them...
 +      * Vincent Trench - A detective in their alley. First time meeting him!
 +      * Renaer Neverember - The guy who started this whole adventure.
 +      * Clairis - A priest of Kelemvor they met in the past.
 +      * Floon Blaagmaar - Renaer'​s look-alike who also led to this adventure.
 +      * Blossom Snobeedle - Owns the apple orchard outside of Waterdeep. A noble family.
 +      * Rinn Stillwater - Part of an adventuring group with Jewel, Eight and Makaria. ​
 +      * Jewel - A Tabaxi who hung out with Makaria at the bar.
 +      * Bonnie - Durnan'​s "​daughter"​ who works as a barmaid at the Yawning Portal.
 +      * Vajra - The Blackstaff.
 +      * Melanor - The groundskeeper at Phaulkonmere,​ for the Emerald Enclave.
 +      * Jannaxil - The owner of the bookstore which Theo frequents.
 +      * Esvele Rosznar - A noble whom the party has not met until this evening.
 +      * Volothamp Geddarm - Volo. No intro necessary.
 +      * Makaria - Another priestess of Kelemvor who apparently likes to drink.
 +      * Eight - A huge construct made of metal. No one has ever seen anything like him.
 +      * Savra Belabantra - From the Order of the Gauntlet. Technically also a noble.
 +      * Casandra Thann - A noble who has not been met before.
 +      * Tally Fellbranch - Owner of the Bent Nail in their alley.
 +      * Fala Leflaiir - Owner of Corellon'​s Crown in their alley.
 +    * They talk with each about food, drink, games, etc. and make introductions to those who don't know each other. It is a grand social event and all feel welcome, nobles, adventurers,​ and commoners alike.
 +    * During the evening, Blossom is surprised to see Dasher, her missing son! He has been gone for a month or more now. They talk through the evening, and it is later determined that Dasher and the other halfings are actually a wererat gang, hired by Emmek Frewn to start destroying the tavern'​s business.
 +    * Fen tells them he can help cure them with Jeryth Phaulkon'​s help, and they promise to stay on as workers, pretending to work towards Frewn'​s ends, but failing.
 +    * Fen ends the night with fireworks from his wand of pyrotechnics,​ insuring the city remembers this night.
 +  * __17_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * The party heads to Phaulkonmere,​ where Jeryth does indeed cure them of their wererattedness. She also charges up Fen's amulet.
 +    * They then decide to check out the Old Tower before obtaining a performance of "Your Beardy face". They head to the Sea Ward.
 +    * At the tower, they sneakily check it out from outside, before eventually having Theo open the door using his mage hand. It is closed by a woman soon after.
 +    * They approach and knock. A woman answers, and the group make small talk. Apparently, they are under the employ of Esvele Rosznar, the new owner of the building. They are doing inspections and seeing what must be done to bring it up to code.
 +    * Esvele comes up to talk, while Fen goes spider form and sneaks in. At the bottom of the tower he finds a locked door, with a teleportation circle inside.
 +    * The rest of the party leaves, and when Fen is coming out of the room, Esvele is coming down the stairs. She pulls out her hand crossbow, and with perfect accuracy, shoots the spider. Fen reverts to his human form.
 +    * Uh oh. Held at gunpoint, they talk. He tries to bluff his way out of it, but she's having none of that.
 +    * And that's where we end. :)
 +    * DM Notes:
 +      * Where did party go?
 +      * What will Caleb roll up as a new character? :P
 +  * __15_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * The party discusses their next steps and decide to go after bugbear ears. Their only clues to date are either "in the sewers"​ or "in Undermountain"​.
 +    * They talk with Threestrings at the Yawning Portal and learn of a dwarven bard named Grohl Bonham who is well known in these parts, and has many "​groupies."​ Apparently, a bard's songs are unique and not normally shared to be sang while still alive. A copywright per se. Also, Grohl likes to tailor his songs to the group he sings to, thus the words often change a lot.
 +    * They are told they might find Grohl at New Olamn'​s Academy of Music and Other Arts. Alternatively,​ he also plays quite often at the House of Song. For now they decide to focus on the bugbear ears.
 +    * They spend some time searching the sewers, but find it to be a maze of dark and twisty paths with no obvious leads to any Xanathar hideouts.
 +    * The party returns to the surface and decides to reach out to their contacts. Theo's friends in the Shadow Thieves are not privvy to the location of any Bugbears, nor are Wulskan'​s friends at the Order of the Gauntlet. Wulskan is asked while there, however to investigate the return of a notorious crime thief known as "the Black Viper" who is believed to be a noble in Waterdeep. He should question a lead at Waterdeep Wazoo.
 +    * Yaro tries a sending to the Blackstaff but receive no reply. Apparently she's busy. 
 +    * Fen speaks with Jeryth at Phaulkonmere. She tells them that she believes she has in fact located the lair of the Xanathar himself. She has been sending awakened rats throughout the sewers in search, and found an entrance in the Castle Ward which could lead to his lair. She cautions strongly against them just rushing in however, as fighting a beholder is no small task, and not the focus of their efforts. The party decides that Undermountain it is then!
 +  * __16_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * They speak with a halfing at the Yawning Portal who goes by the name of Pillsery. He recently went down alone and was quickly chased out. But while down there, he saw a small battle going on with bugbears, goblins and vampires! Somehow, a bugbear snuck up behind him, but he managed to escape back to to the well entrance and get pulled back up in time. He draws them a sparse map of the first two rooms.
 +    * The party descends. They visit the well entrance, and the room from which Pillsery witnessed a battle. On the floor is a skeleton of a kensu practically laid out and pointing towards a bas-relief of a nalfeshnee. There are bas-reliefs of multiple demons along the walls, but Yarro investigates the one pointed at and finds a secret door. They follow it down to a pool of water smelling of sewage.
 +    * The other end of the room has a statue of a sahaguin, so they investigate. They find it has a removable head, and once held a candle inside, such that it lights up like a jack-o-lantern. During their time in the room though, they take many psychic blasts to the head. And eventually, the water itself starts to attack them with giant pseudopods rising in the air. They decide to leave it there for the next fools who venture into Undermountain to find.
 +    * They hear the sound of footfalls running away to the south, and Fen transforms into a bear in order to follow the scent. They traverse hallways both man-made, and natural leading to a room with a statue of a nude woman with no head. They do find the head in the rubble eventually of a cobra with large fangs.
 +    * Delving further they come across a tiefling skeleton shackled to the wall, with the words "talk to me" in infernal, written in blood. Shauk attempts to do so, and Yarro shares some blood in which they write, "​hello"​ alongside it. Their attempts yield no new information.
 +    * The next room has two large pillars with an arch overhead. As Fen wanders around the room, he passes underneath, and is hit with a blast of force knocking him out of bear form. Shauk looks over the arch and deems it to be a malfunctioning arcane gate of some sort.
 +    * Fen transforms once more and continues to follow the scent. The group eventually reaches a grouping of three rooms where they are ambushed by some 15 goblins, and 2 bugbears. Theo is able to save the day by expending three sleep spells, taking out most of the horde.
 +    * Upon killing the each of the two bugbears, an intellect devourer emerges from each and attacks the party.
 +    * DM Notes:
 +      * Yes, I forgot about the intellect devourers.
 +      * I already told them about the split shield which when put together spells "​Nimwraith"​.
 +      * I haven'​t told them of any treasure in these rooms.
 +  * __15_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * The party awakens in Blackstaff Tower and makes plans for the day.
 +    * First they head back to their tavern to pick up Wulskan. They tell him he gets to kill stuff and he gets all giddy.
 +    * Theo, Yarro, Tully, and Shauk head to Ye Olde Xoblob Shop with intent to get a beholder'​s eyestalk. Fen and Wulskan head to the Yawning Portal to determine where they could obtain Bugbear ears.
 +    * The first group makes it to Xoblob'​s,​ wearing disguises of sorts. While Theo distracts Xoblob, Tully chops off an eyestalk. Almost getting caught, Theo casts sleep on Xoblob who goes out cold.
 +    * Tully pretends to run out of the shop and then turns invisible. He comes back in and reverts to his normal Firbolg form. The group come out and pretend that someone knocked out Xoblob before running away. A couple of thugs come from across the street and give chase to what they believe is a now invisible human.
 +    * The group heads back towards the Yawning Portal, but determine they'​re being followed along the way.
 +    * The second group asks Durnan about Bugbear ears. He tells them maybe down the portal into Undermountain,​ maybe in the sewers or outside the city. While they'​re discussing, a trio of cultists come in searching for someone or something.
 +    * Theo and Wulskan attempt to hide, but the cultists are honing in on them. Bonnie helps them go out through the kitchen. But they keep following. They run around and head back inside, finding it safer in the company of other adventurer'​s rather than a dark back alley.
 +    * The original group show up, still being followed by a couple of thugs.
 +    * Getting the the punch, the group eventually takes it outside where they'​re fighting a couple of thugs and three cultists, while trying not to draw attention from the citizens or city guard.
 +    * In the end, they do kill one cultist and throw him in their portable hole to hide the evidence. They manage to knock out one cultist and one thug who are later taken by the city guard to the magistrar'​s. Half the party follow so they may question them, but they have to wait 3-4 hours as they'​re out cold and no one will heal them.
 +    * Through intimidation,​ the party learn that the Xanathar Guild was tracking them for taking the eyestalk, and that they'​re also looking for Wulskan. The cultists team was sent by the Cassalanters and were using a Locate Object spell to find the Stone of Golorr.
 +    * DM Notes:
 +      * It's probably mid-afternoon by now, with the party all at the Yawning Portal.
 +      * Their tavern opens tomorrow.
 +      * They now know two (or more?) factions are hunting them.
 +  * __14_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * The party meet back up at their tavern. They make plans to head to the Dock Ward and inquire about Esloon Bezant, the Red Wizard, while using the nimblewright detector along the way.
 +    * Before heading out, Shauk casts "​Knock"​ on the Gralhund'​s book. It opens and three specters fly out to attack him. The party are surprised at this, and being attacked in their own tavern, but manage to dispatch the specters quite easily. The book tells the family history of the Gralhunds and how their family are devil worshippers. Including the fact that many are now tielflings.
 +    * They head out, and halfway to their destination,​ they pick up a signal from the nimblewright detector. It eventually leads them to an alley just North of the City of the Dead. There, they find a nimblewright in a trash heap. It has obviously been in a fight recently and looks pretty broken up. Shauk takes the head as proof to show Valetta later.
 +    * On the nimblewright is a map. An X marks the spot in the City of the Dead, with the name "​Cassalanter"​ written on it.
 +    * They head to the marked mausoleum, and Theo picks a lock for the first time in his life.
 +    * Deep in the bowels, the group find two dead cultists, and one who is simply unconscious ("​mostly"​ dead). They heal her up a bit and she gives them some information. They were to retrieve the Stone of Golorr from the nimblewright. Two of her party attacked the remaining three, and left them for dead (no witnesses!). She vows revenge and offers to lead them to their hideout.
 +    * They are led to an old converted windmill which now houses many homeless people. Arn and Seffia, two cultists, have taken residence in one of the upstairs rooms.
 +    * Shauk uses his familiar to spy in the room, and overhears conversation that someone is coming to pick up the stone. He and Yaro stand outside the window which is 25 feet up. The rest of the party head upstairs, and pretend to be coming for said stone.
 +    * Arn and Seffia know this is a lie, given that they are expecting some spined devils, who coincidentally show up outside the window about that same time.
 +    * There is a battle in which two of the spined devils as well as Arn, Seffia and random cultist who led them here are all killed. (Yes, she has a name. But she's dead, so it doesn'​t matter.) Shauk manages to get the stone, and go invisible, shocking the DM. (See what I did there?)
 +    * They plan to take the stone back to the Blackstaff. Along the way, Shauk is charmed by the stone'​s influence who tells him to get away and take it to the Cassalanters. Somehow the party manages to keep this from happening. During this, however, the third spined devil swoops down and grabs the stone.
 +    * In an episode of "this is their story, let's see what they do" the benevolent DM gives them a chance and they manage to kill said spined devil before it escapes. Once again they have the stone.
 +    * They call for help from their newly acquired Force Grey amulets, and two mages arrive to escort them.
 +    * The party makes it back to Blackstaff Tower and Vajdra welcomes them in. They discuss the matter of the Cassalanters,​ but Vajdra is more interested in returning the money. They have no real proof of wrongdoing by the Cassalanters at this time.
 +    * Tully tries to attune to the stone, and is charmed as well. The Blackstaff stuns him with a word of power before he can escape.
 +    * Fen then gives it a go, and succeeds. He learns that the stone is an Aboleth trapped inside and knows a good many things. He asks it the location of the treasure, if anyone else knows the stones location, and I can't remember the third question! But later, I volunteer it also gave them the three keys necessary to enter the vault.
 +    * They will need: An eyestalk from a beholder, a pair of bugbear ears, and a performance of the song, "Your Beardy Face".
 +    * They stay the night at Blackstaff Tower for safety reasons.
 +    * DM Notes:
 +      * What will the Cassalanters do?
 +      * What will the party do?
 +      * What will Vajdra do?
 +      * That serial killer is still on the loose.
 +      * Where will the party get the three items they need?
 +      * Who is this Esloon Bezant guy? And why is he a "​Red"​ Wizard instead of "​Green"?​
 +  * __11_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * To finish the night, Theo purchases a religious text on Selune for nefarious deeds described later.
 +    * Also, he attempted to open the stolen Gralhund book, but fails miserably.
 +  * __12_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * This adventure consists of Theo, Fenbrix, Tully, and Shauk. The others decided to stay home and watch Buhak play chess against Lif.
 +    * The first task of the day was to seek out Maxeene the talking horse. Being as Fen can now speak with animals quite easily, they found Maxeene with no issue. She tells them of delivering a half-orc and sun-elf to the Yawning Portal, and they were speaking of recruiting for the Zhentarim. They guess correctly at the identity of Yagra.
 +    * Shauk spent some time learning spells from Buhak'​s spellbook before joining up with the party.
 +    * The party head down to the Dock Ward in search of Harko Swornhold. They first enter Selene'​s Smile, a local tavern. When asking about Kenku, they learn of a popular hangout called Crammer'​s Warehouse in the Reach.
 +    * Tully disguises himself as a human, and Shauk as a Kenku. They head for Crammer'​s hoping to recruit for their own.
 +    * They learn a dice game called "​Ettin'​s Head". Each player puts in a gold and rolls four dice. When a pair comes up, they all yell "​Bugbears!"​ and toss in another coin. If two pair come up, they all yell "​Ettin'​s Head!" and the person who rolls wins the pot. Tully loses 7 gold, but makes friends with the winner.
 +    * The new Kenku ally decides to switch from working for Harko to Tully, and leads him to the Muleskull Tavern (no relation to Trollskull) where they find Harko.
 +    * A fight breaks out, but the party easily dispatch Harko and his compatriot. Unfortunately,​ Jabo the Kenku is killed as well. A barmaid calls for the guard, who come running in.
 +    * Fortunately,​ the group say the right things, and kill the right persons. The guards right them up a note to take back to Jalester as proof of their deed.
 +  * __13_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * Theo awakens and seeks out Jannaxil at Serpentil'​s Books and Folios. He mentions the Stone of Golorr and Jannaxil seems very interested. Theo also lays out a plan to scam money the next day and asks Jannaxil to pass the word that a priest of Selune will be excepting donations in the market the next day.
 +    * The party head for the Yawning Portal and spot a sun-elf but no Yagra. They sit beside Mr. Sunshine and play up asking about Yagra, but he's cool as a cucumber and doesn'​t show any expression.
 +    * Speaking with Jalester, the party is given another quest. The Zhentarim are trying to recruit a Red Wizard of Thay and his thugs into the faction. The wizard has committed no crimes, and thus can't simply be "taken out" like Harko. They'​ll have to find another way to prevent the coming together.
 +    * The party stops by Mirt's house on the way to visit the Blackstaff. Mirt is not home, but Fen leaves a message with the butler detailing what Maxeene learned.
 +    * At Blackstaff Tower, the party asks Vadra about the Stone of Golorr. Upon hearing the story, she agrees it must be retrieved so that the money it hides can be returned to Waterdeep.
 +    * She also appreciates stopping the Gralhund'​s nefarious deeds, and initiates the group into Force Grey. Everyone receives an amulet showing their affiliation. (DM Note: Anything special here?)
 +  * __14_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * Theo heads to the market where he pretends to be an old, blind priest of Selune. He manages to accept a number of donations from passers by until a noble calls him out. With the assistance of the city watch, he his booted from the market place.
 +    * Fen purchases a Cloak of Protection at Aurora'​s Realms.
 +    * The party head for the House of Inspired Hands, a temple to Gond. There, they are attacked when a nimblewright throws a small, metallic sparrow from a window up high. Fortunately,​ Tully dodges aside and the sparrow crashes to the ground, breaking into many pieces.
 +    * Heading inside, they meet Valetta, a priestess of Gond. She takes them upstairs to meet Nim, a nimblewright gifted by a Lantanese wizard. Nim won't open the door without some cajoling, but eventually lets them in.
 +    * Without spoken word, but using hand gestures, he "​speaks"​ with Valetta who becomes quite angered. Nim has apparently been building things. A construct building other constructs is not allowed, an Valetta removes all items from his room.
 +    * The party learns he built another nimblewright that escaped some time ago. So Nim built a nimblewright detector to find him. Valetta gives the detector to the party and promises them 500gp if they destroy the other nimblewright.
 +    * DM Notes:
 +      * They have the detector.
 +      * The Gralhund book remains closed.
 +      * They have a quest to deter the Red Wizard of Thay.
 +      * What else?
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   * __10_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__   * __10_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
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