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   * 1-Eleasis: Ahghairon'​s Day   * 1-Eleasis: Ahghairon'​s Day
   * 21-Eleint: Brightswords   * 21-Eleint: Brightswords
 +  * __11_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * To finish the night, Theo purchases a religious text on Selune for nefarious deeds described later.
 +    * Also, he attempted to open the stolen Gralhund book, but fails miserably.
 +  * __12_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * This adventure consists of Theo, Fenbrix, Tully, and Shauk. The others decided to stay home and watch Buhak play chess against Lif.
 +    * The first task of the day was to seek out Maxeene the talking horse. Being as Fen can now speak with animals quite easily, they found Maxeene with no issue. She tells them of delivering a half-orc and sun-elf to the Yawning Portal, and they were speaking of recruiting for the Zhentarim. They guess correctly at the identity of Yagra.
 +    * Shauk spent some time learning spells from Buhak'​s spellbook before joining up with the party.
 +    * The party head down to the Dock Ward in search of Harko Swornhold. They first enter Selene'​s Smile, a local tavern. When asking about Kenku, they learn of a popular hangout called Crammer'​s Warehouse in the Reach.
 +    * Tully disguises himself as a human, and Shauk as a Kenku. They head for Crammer'​s hoping to recruit for their own.
 +    * They learn a dice game called "​Ettin'​s Head". Each player puts in a gold and rolls four dice. When a pair comes up, they all yell "​Bugbears!"​ and toss in another coin. If two pair come up, they all yell "​Ettin'​s Head!" and the person who rolls wins the pot. Tully loses 7 gold, but makes friends with the winner.
 +    * The new Kenku ally decides to switch from working for Harko to Tully, and leads him to the Muleskull Tavern (no relation to Trollskull) where they find Harko.
 +    * A fight breaks out, but the party easily dispatch Harko and his compatriot. Unfortunately,​ Jabo the Kenku is killed as well. A barmaid calls for the guard, who come running in.
 +    * Fortunately,​ the group say the right things, and kill the right persons. The guards right them up a note to take back to Jalester as proof of their deed.
 +  * __13_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * Theo awakens and seeks out Jannaxil at Serpentil'​s Books and Folios. He mentions the Stone of Golorr and Jannaxil seems very interested. Theo also lays out a plan to scam money the next day and asks Jannaxil to pass the word that a priest of Selune will be excepting donations in the market the next day.
 +    * The party head for the Yawning Portal and spot a sun-elf but no Yagra. They sit beside Mr. Sunshine and play up asking about Yagra, but he's cool as a cucumber and doesn'​t show any expression.
 +    * Speaking with Jalester, the party is given another quest. The Zhentarim are trying to recruit a Red Wizard of Thay and his thugs into the faction. The wizard has committed no crimes, and thus can't simply be "taken out" like Harko. They'​ll have to find another way to prevent the coming together.
 +    * The party stops by Mirt's house on the way to visit the Blackstaff. Mirt is not home, but Fen leaves a message with the butler detailing what Maxeene learned.
 +    * At Blackstaff Tower, the party asks Vadra about the Stone of Golorr. Upon hearing the story, she agrees it must be retrieved so that the money it hides can be returned to Waterdeep.
 +    * She also appreciates stopping the Gralhund'​s nefarious deeds, and initiates the group into Force Grey. Everyone receives an amulet showing their affiliation. (DM Note: Anything special here?)
 +  * __14_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
 +    * Theo heads to the market where he pretends to be an old, blind priest of Selune. He manages to accept a number of donations from passers by until a noble calls him out. With the assistance of the city watch, he his booted from the market place.
 +    * Fen purchases a Cloak of Protection at Aurora'​s Realms.
 +    * The party head for the House of Inspired Hands, a temple to Gond. There, they are attacked when a nimblewright throws a small, metallic sparrow from a window up high. Fortunately,​ Tully dodges aside and the sparrow crashes to the ground, breaking into many pieces.
 +    * Heading inside, they meet Valetta, a priestess of Gond. She takes them upstairs to meet Nim, a nimblewright gifted by a Lantanese wizard. Nim won't open the door without some cajoling, but eventually lets them in.
 +    * Without spoken word, but using hand gestures, he "​speaks"​ with Valetta who becomes quite angered. Nim has apparently been building things. A construct building other constructs is not allowed, an Valetta removes all items from his room.
 +    * The party learns he built another nimblewright that escaped some time ago. So Nim built a nimblewright detector to find him. Valetta gives the detector to the party and promises them 500gp if they destroy the other nimblewright.
 +    * DM Notes:
 +      * They have the detector.
 +      * The Gralhund book remains closed.
 +      * They have a quest to deter the Red Wizard of Thay.
 +      * What else?
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   * __10_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__   * __10_Kythorn,​ 1492 DR__
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